Colt's Mfg

Colt's Mfg

The story of Colt firearms is written indelibly across the pages of history.  Since 1836, when Samuel Colt revolutionized the firearm, his legendary business continues to produce the world’s most prized firearms today.


Colt Competition Govt Pistol 5" .45ACP 8RND Blue
Product ID : CT1980CCS
Colt Competition Govt Pistol 5" 9mm 9RND SS
Product ID : O1082CCS
Colt Delta Elite 10mm, SS, 5"Bbl, Black Grips
Product ID : O2020XE
Colt Rail Gun 45ACP, 5" Bbl, Stainless
Product ID : 01070RG
Colt Rail Gun, 45ACP, 5" Bbl, Black
Product ID : CT1980RG