Geissele Automatics

The Geissele Mission

To prove, every day, that the Golden Rule works: "Do to others as you would have them do to you" Luke 6:31.

For The Competitor

Geissele Automatics was established in 2004 as a manufacturer of trigger mechanisms for the AR15 rifle. Our first trigger, the Hi-Speed National Match, was designed by our Founder, Bill Geissele, for CMP and NRA Hi-Power Rifle competition.

For The Warfighter

Although designed for target shooting, the Geissele Hi-Speed trigger was found by the U.S. Military to have applications in semi-automatic sniper weapons. In 2005 Geissele Automatics received a request from the Department of Defense: "Can you build us a select-fire trigger that is as good as your Hi-Speed?" In response, Bill designed the Geissele Super Select-Fire trigger (SSF). After rigorous testing the SSF was adopted by entities in the U.S. Special Operations community and has become their trigger of choice for M4 carbine based weapons.

For The Protector

A derivative of the SSF trigger was developed to meet the needs of law enforcement and civilians who do not need select-fire capability. This trigger, the Super Semi-Automatic (SSA,) combines stellar performance with the safety, reliability and forgiveness for which 2 stage triggers are known.

GA Rollpin Tool
Geissele (G2S) Trigger
Product ID : GA-G2S
Geissele Accessory 45 Degree Quick Swivel Mount For SMRs, Black
Product ID : GA-45QDSM-SMR-BLK
Geissele Accessory KeyMod Rail, Black
Product is out of stock
Geissele Accessory Surefire Scout Light Mount Kit For SMRs
Product is out of stock
Geissele AR10/SR25 Reaction Rod
Product ID : GA-RROD-AR10
Geissele AR15/M4 Reaction Rod
Product ID : GA-RROD-AR15
Geissele AR15/M4 Super Reaction Rod
Product ID : GA-SRROD
Geissele Automatics Maritime Bolt Catch
Product ID : GA-MBC-08-153
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